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Susie Vanner – Being a Bond Girl

The actress and singer Susie Vanner, also known as Sue Vanner, is perhaps best known for her role as a Bond girl opposite Roger Moore in the 1977 movie The Spy Who Loved Me, in a scene that earned her the nickname Log Cabin Girl.

The Road to Bond

Before starring in the Bond film, Susie had acted in various television commercials – such as the famous Just Musk television commercials in the 1970s – and went on to appear in plays before getting the lead role in a Spanish movie. In 1969, she also recorded what is now considered to be a Northern Soul classic, ‘Don’t Pity Me’.

For more information about Susie’s singing career, please take a look at the embedded PDF.

Filming The Spy Who Loved Me Scene

Susie remembers arriving at Pinewood Studios, where she had a dressing room with her name on it, and someone ready to do her make-up before filming. She also has fond memories of the late Roger Moore, who she has spoken of as being a lot of fun, with a tendency to ad-lib in his scenes.

Once filming for The Spy Who Loved Me was complete, Susie recalled in interviews how she travelled the world as part of the movie’s promotion and walked red carpets in locations including Japan, South America, Australia and South Africa.

Life After Bond

Susie has remained busy after the Bond movie. She starred opposite Sylvester Stallone in the film Nighthawks and continued to work until the mid-1980s, playing many lead roles. She appeared in the BBC film Count Dracula alongside Louis Jourdan, and the programmes Minder, Play for Today and Tales of the Unexpected. She also had a lead part in the BBC’s Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry, which involved spending ten weeks filming in the New Forest, which Susie enjoyed.

Following a healthy lifestyle is important to Susie, and she regularly practices yoga. Eating healthily is key to this lifestyle and, since beating cancer, Susie doesn’t drink and follows an alkaline diet that avoids sugars. Dance has always been a fundamental part of the star’s life and is another way that she maintains her fitness levels – Susie’s love of dance can be seen on her Instagram page.


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